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A Fun, Cost Effective Programme That Adds a Little Bit of Movie Magic To Your Curriculum. 

New Media offers young people an amazing opportunity to tell their own stories.

Our course is designed to provide them with the knowledge, confidence and skills to do just that.

Grab the opportunity that New Media offers to your students 

Promote the services your school offers

Customers consistently tell us how impressed parents are with this unique and exciting project. 

‘Film is forever’ as the old saying goes.

Give your students an experience they can look back on at any stage in their future lives. 

Create memories that will last a lifetime. 


Our goal first and foremost is to foster an environment where young storytellers can practice skills, make mistakes, experiment and generally develop their craft.



Project Management



Technical Skills




Our service comes in three parts, and your school

can decide which combination best suits you.  

Let’s Make a Film Programme



Any combination is designed to ensure that you succeed in shooting

a completed film that you and your students will be happy with. 


We provide a Step by Step Programme through our dedicated online learning portal that your teacher can deliver to your students as part of their Curriculum

Our course consists of 12 Modules, each designed to teach a different aspect of filmmaking – from writing scripts and creating storyboards, to recording sound and shooting a film with a smart device.

Group Exercises
Information Slides

Modules are designed to comply with key Learning Objectives within various strands of the Primary Curriculum 

Mentor Teachers
Facilitate the Shoot Day
Deliver the Course In Person / In Full
Provide Professional Equipment


Video Nation can provide skilled trainers to help your teachers and your students through any stage of the programme at whatever level you require, from being available to answer any queries or questions you might have, to fully facilitating the course for you. 

These options are designed to ensure that students have completed all of the work prior to the Shoot Day, and that the Shoot itself is a success. 


Our Editors will take the footage from your Shoot Day and edit it into a final professional film, ready to be shared with the world. 

So no matter how the shoot goes, you are guaranteed to end up with a final film that you and your students can be proud of.

Because we know different schools have different needs and priorities, schools can choose one or a combination of these three services. 

Katie Lowry (6th Class Teacher)

“My class thoroughly enjoyed this experience. From a teacher’s point of view, the weekly modules were super accessible with an appropriate activity which allowed groups to progress easily to the next stage of the project.

It let children experience all aspects of filmmaking while learning about the history of their locality.

Everybody had a job and responsibility which meant everybody was included. It also promoted independence in their learning which was a very valuable lesson.”


“I had a great time working on this film. It was a great way to learn about our local history in a fun and interactive way.”


“I had so much fun making our film. Liam included everyone and taught us a lot about what it is like to make a movie, and how important everyone’s job was, both in front of and behind the camera.” 


“I really enjoyed making these films with my classmates. Liam and Robert were great help. It was great fun to learn about the history of Abbeyleix. I loved being a director and an actor.” 


“It was a fascinating experience and I learned about how much work goes into making a movie.

It taught me about all of the jobs and responsibilities both on and off camera. I also learned more history about our town.

It was an exciting and educational experience that I’m not in a hurry to forget.” 


“Video Nation gave me a great opportunity to learn about filmmaking, script writing, history and SPHE in a fun way. I really enjoyed it.” 

Boost confidence, teach new skills and promote your school with a unique, easy to implement filmmaking programme.

For more information, or to book, you can get in touch using any of the below methods.

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